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TwinsTake of the Week - Week 4 - No-hitter, Fire Gardy? & the Worst Team in Baseball?

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Nice Picture, huh? Kinda Gross!

Did the offense give the pitching a break for a week?

No Hits in L.A.

Well, there's nothing like having a pitcher throw a no-hitter against you to get the focus off the pitching, huh? On Wednesday, the 2nd of May, Los Angeles Angels starting pitcher, Jered Weaver, pitched a no-hitter against our Minnesota Twins. That also made it two games in a row the Twins were kept off the scoreboard having been shut out the previous game by Jerome Williams. They ended up scoring only 3 runs in the 3-game series after scoring 13 runs in 2 games at home against the Kansas City Royals.

A no-hitter is a tremendous accomplishment for any pitcher and the team around him! There are other players on the field though. Pretty much every no-hitter has a few great defensive plays that keep it a no-hitter, even if those plays aren't really remembered much, if at all. The pitcher is remembered for the no-hitter so it seems like the pitcher was solely responsible for the whole game.* Every ball hit the web of the glove that was put in play unless, of course, there was an error. The pitcher knows this and I would imagine they all do something to make it known how thankful he is for all the plays his defense made for him.

*Maybe it should also be known as an all-webber? or a Web-fest? I'll come up with something! Ooh, how 'bout All-Leather Performance? No?

Most fans seemed to react as if this was rock bottom for the Minnesota Twins. They have the worst record in baseball, were shut out by a 5th starter and now they've been no-hit by a pitcher who is the ace of the Angels staff. I obviously don't want it to get worse for the Twins but I'm not sure that's rock bottom! How different would people have reacted if they got one hit? Would that have changed their reaction?

In the end, it is just one game and they have to be ready to play the next game. The Twins had a day off so they had time to think about, hopefully work on and go over the struggles they are going through. They need to forget about not getting a hit and just go play baseball in Seattle.

Worst team in baseball?

Have the Twins been as bad as their record shows? Maybe, but they have played some decent baseball at times. The offense has been performing alright but the pitching has been horrible. They aren't getting the big hit when they need it, especially with the bases loaded, where they are hitting .200 (5-25) with 1 double, 14 runs batted in (RBIs), 1 walk and 6 strikeouts. Usually when they have gotten a big hit, the pitching has given up the lead and the game more often than not.

They've been in games with chances to win. 11 of their 25 games have been one run games and they are 5-6 in those games. Only 2 of their games have been 2-run games and they lost both of those in Baltimore, 4-2 & 3-1. In 1-run games, they have been outscored 60 to 59. In the other 14 games, they've been outscored 76 to 31! It's no wonder pitching was my take in week 2 and week 3. OUCH!

Have the Twins been as bad as they were last season when they were committing errors on defense and just playing bad baseball? I donít think so or at least I think itís too early to say with just 25 games played. A lot can happen in 137 games! It will be interesting either way, good or bad.

25 Scoreless Innings? Who Cares?

The Twins broke their scoreless innings streak last night when they scored in the 7th inning last night in Seattle. A lot of people made a big deal of that since they were shut out two straight games. Sometimes fans make too big a deal of those things. After shutting out the Twins for two straight games, the Angels have been shut out twice at home by the Toronto Blue Jays and have been shut out a whopping 6 times in 27 games and they have Albert Pujols on their team!*

*How often does a team with Albert Pujols get shut out 6 times in a season? It canít be many, right? WRONG! Since 2001, Pujols 1st season, the St. Louis Cardinals were shut out 89 times! Only 3 of those seasons did they get shutout less than 6 times.

Sometimes stats donít mean anything and they almost always donít mean anything to the players playing the game. Do you think any of the players knew their scoreless innings streak was at 25 innings in the 7th inning last night? At most, they knew they hadnít scored in two straight games but donít care about the one inning they didnít score in the 1st game of the Angels series and the 6 innings to start the 1st game in Seattle.

Jared Burton

How many of you know that Jared Burton has gone 8.1 innings without giving up a hit? Thatís right! He gave up 2 runs (both home runs) in his Twins debut on April 7th and 1 run in his appearance on April 12th but since then he hasnít even given up a hit. In those 8.1 innings, heís struck out 8 and walked 2 with 11 groundball outs and 5 fly ball outs. Heís been pitching great and is or should be the right-handed setup guy. I hope I didnít just jinx him but if I did, Iíll take credit for it! Hey, any publicity is good publicity, people! Tell EVERYBODY! Haha!

Is the Fire Gardy Bandwagon Fueling Up?

With the Twins record at 7-18, a lot of fans have taken to the Fire Gardy bandwagon! A lot of fans have been on that bandwagon for a long time and have never been fans of Ron Gardenhire.

I donít really know what Gardy is supposed to do with this team. He lost one of his best pitchers in Scott Baker before the season began and Francisco Liriano, his supposed best pitcher, apparently forgot how to pitch. The rest of the staff is either young or old! How much should we really expect from Liam Hendriks, Carl Pavano and Jason Marquis? So the two guys he was depending on are nowhere to be seen or shouldnít be seen.

It is almost impossible to win without good pitching. You can have the greatest offense in the world but if you canít keep the other team from scoring, youíre probably not going to be winning a lot of games. The Texas Rangers finally figured that out and look where they are now.

Gardy won't be in Seattle as he went back to Minnesota for his daughter's graduation. Or is it Garduation?

Maybe the Twins needed more than three extra days in Spring Training? Gardy?

Twinsactions of the Week - Ups & Downs

4/28 - OF Ben Revere optioned to AAA Rochester Red Wings
4/28 - LF Josh Willingham activated from Paternity leave
5/1 - C Drew Butera recalled from AAA Rochester Red Wings
5/1 - 3B Sean Burroughs designated for assignment
5/4 - RF Erik Komatsu claimed off waivers from St. Louis Cardinals
5/4 - RF Clete Thomas designated for assignment
5/4 - 3B Sean Burroughs outrighted to AAA Rochester Red Wings

  • Sean Burroughs accepted his assignment to Rochester so weíll see how he does there. That could be good for the Twins.
  • Erik Komatsu might be a better option for the Twins than Clete Thomas. Komatsu looks to have a better feel for the strike zone with a .389 career minor league on base percentage (OBP)
  • Clete Thomas had a minor league OBP of .348 and as you saw, he struck out a tad - in his last 7 games, he was 1-18 with 14 strikeouts and no walks

Those are my TwinsTakes! What are your TwinsTakes? Will the Twins get better as the season goes on? Will it be a repeat of last season?

We want to know what you think! Tell us in the comments or on Twitter or Facebook!

Twins Take on Seattle tonight at 8pm CST - RHP Jason Marquis vs RHP Felix Hernandez! Maybe the Twins can start a winning streak!

As always....GO TWINS!


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