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Poll: Being A Fan Of Which Team Would Be A Deal-Breaker For You?

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The Background

I was perusing Twitter earlier today when I saw this tweet from our very own MLB Fan Cave finalist Lindsay Guentzel, complete with a video.

I watched said video, even though I've become a bit tired of the "Sh*t (This group of people) Say" meme, and in between a couple of laughs, I noticed a few attractive women in the video (Lindsay in a bathrobe may or may not have been one of them). Thus, I went over to the MLB Fan Cave site to get to know these women a little better. Wow, that doesn't sound creepy at all!

I happened to find Megan Washington, which the website tabbed as a supporter of the Tampa Bay Rays. I clicked on her video and enjoyed the eye candy I was watching until I heard a phrase that jolted me out of my fanboy daydream.

"Now, I deserve to be in the MLB Fan Cave for the 2012 season because I'm obviously a really big baseball fan, especially of the Rays and the Yankees."
Please click this link and then click the ensuing button on the website that appears to fully understand my disappointment.

You see, there are two baseball teams that I absolutely hate. First is the sin that Megan has committed, and that's being a supporter of the Yankees. The second team is the White Sox, though that's probably just due to Hawk Harrelson and 2008's Game 163. I feel that if I was single and I was interested in a girl, it would be a deal-breaker if she told me that she was a fan of either of these two teams. Seriously though, it's rather humorous that I was so disappointed, due to a multitude of reasons:

  1. I already have a girlfriend and am more than happy with her, even though I sometimes ask for baseball relationship advice.
  2. I'm most likely never going to meet Megan Washington.
  3. Even if I was to meet her, there's no guarantee that she would be able to handle a person as suave, manly, irresistible, and humble as myself.

The Question

I tweeted my dismay over this fact, and I was pleased to see I wasn't as shallow as I believed as I was greeted with many tweets from people expressing their list of teams that would cause them to cut off a relationship. As a result (and also from some prodding by K-Bro) I decided to crowdsource this question: Which team(s) would a man/woman have to be a fan of for you to consider it a deal-breaker? Don't feel restricted by the sport of baseball. If you feel the need to share your distaste for the Packers, go right ahead. Note that Team Edward and Team Jacob are not viable options. Leave your choices in the comments below, and let's see which team is so hated that it would actually stop you from dating one of their fans.
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  1. Parker Hageman's Avatar
    Without having seen Megan's video, I'm guessing she's a Tampa-resident that has been entrenched as Yankee territory since at least the mid-70s. Many of the residents in Tampa have thrown their allegiance to the Yankees particularly since they were the only game in town for a long while. Still...yucky.
  2. denarded's Avatar
    I get what you're saying, but to me, if the girl was an intelligent baseball fan i would still like her even if she was a cws fan. Another note, those videos are the "best" 50 of 20,000 applicants? that is sad. I did like the brian jones looking dude, but he lost me with the tatts of every team. who could be a fan and have a tattoo of a team you dislike. (And if you don't dislike a team, you're not a fan)
  3. John Bonnes's Avatar
    Huh, that's an interesting question. Off the top of my head, I'd say Yankees and maybe White Sox. But having fallen in love, I gotta say, I'm not sure it would have mattered. Hmmm.

    I guess it depends - do I find out before or after the "fireworks" moment. If after, I'm a goner. If before, I can maintain a little integrity.
  4. Andrew Bryz-Gornia's Avatar
    @ Denarded:

    I feel that the top 50 was determined by their ability to promote themselves. If you paid attention to Lindsay Guentzel, she was making the rounds on radio stations, promoting herself on her Twitter account, trying to get Twins players to vouch for her, etc. She mentioned several times that MLB was using a person's social media impact to determine if they deserved to be one of the top 50.

    I will admit that these videos could be better, though. If the video is the primary way that people can get to know you before they vote, you should be selling yourself as much as possible.
  5. denarded's Avatar
    yeah, and someone said kspn is going to be making a push for her, but did you see the boston area girl and there was another whom was media savvy (ie. using her hands on every syllable.) I want real fans to win this (and I was sloppy knowledge, I said brian jones ((rolling stones)) and meant brian wilson ((beach boys)) i hope your get-together last weekend shows mlb the passion twins have for their team. I think she's sunk because of our crap season last year. hope i'm wrong, and i vote for her 10 times a day
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