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    by 11-06-2012, 05:06 PM

    Recently, my parents dropped a large box of old stuff they had been saving. This ranged from congratulations cards from when I was born, to athletic accomplishments to nearly every report card I've ever gotten (I've sorted the report cards, but I'm a little scared to go through them in detail). Two of my favorite items are ticket stubs from some of my favorite Twins games that I've had the privilege to attend.

    Game 6, 1987 World Series

    The 1987 World Series was the first time the Twins had made the playoffs in my lifetime. To say it was a big deal would an injustice to understatements. The entire state was all-in. Led by a 27 year-old Kirby Puckett, this was one of the most likable teams I've ever cheered for.
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