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Thread: Winter League performances

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    Winter League performances

    Take them with a grain of salt if you will, but a couple of interesting performances to note here:


    Solid hitting from the MI trio of Escobar, Polanco and Santana but no-one really having an outstanding winter. Arcia's .882 OPS leads the way
    Guerra with 27/6 K/BB in 21 IP - can he come back and compete in Spring Training?
    Landa holding his own at a young age, albeit in a SSS. Same goes for Thorpe down under

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    Nice. Was more impressed by Santana hitting as well as he did, how was his fielding? A couple of the pitchers were also having good winters, hope it keeps up.

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    I didn't realize so many players take part in winter ball, ahem, "offseason leagues". Makes it seem standard enough procedure, that discussion to not overwork top prospects seems out of the mainstream.

    Looks like Florimon really turned a corner, for those hoping for a breakout season at the plate in 2014. .407 OPS in the Dominican league.

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    Actually Ibarra and Watts had nice seasons as well, a lot of appearances though. Thorpe seemed to have pitched well, as well. Interesting note that Dereck Rodriguez appeared as both a pitcher and hitter. Mop up work, I suppose.

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    Santana and Polanco both having nice years in the "off-season" leagues they are in, which is the more impressive line as regards to who may eventually be the Twins everyday shortstop? Or will neither?
    And wouldn't it be nice if Deolis Guerra would suddenly mature into a bona fide MLB pitcher? It would sure justify the Johan Santana trade after all of these years, wouldn't it?

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    Like to see Arcia taking more walks and an on base off .355 is good for him. I don't like florimon it's tough to only hit .210 he has never hit at any level I don't see a chance for a change with him. Escobar hit .250 with a surprising power display. I hope he is the starting SS. He is as good defensively and seems to have a better upside offensively. Meyer looks like he is legit with more Ks then IP and a low 3 era.

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