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Thread: Souhan: Keeping Willingham Makes Sense

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shane Wahl View Post
    There is no reasonable argument there. It's mind-boggling to consider clogging this roster with a terrible OF who doesn't seem willing to move to DH. Even as a DH, the Plouffe-Sano situation, the Arcia situation, and perhaps the emergence of Kennys Vargas or someone else seems to limit the desirable of bringing Willingham back. He's an aging veteran with a lot of negative defensive value. This is worthy of consideration how again?
    If Willingham were to embrace the DH role, probably with Molitor's assistance, and be healthy and productive, and the Twins not find any real trade value for him, then I can see bringing him back on a decent 1 year deal with an option. This would be based on his value as a veteran DH, and a bridge to the next wave of prospects down the line; Hicks, Vargas, Walker, etc. Not so sure Plouffe and someone else couldn't fill the same role, and still be able to play a position here and there, but would seem an acceptable option.

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    Arcia's my future DH. If he cant hit lefty's, a Willy/Arcia platoon would be nice, but after 2014, I never want to see Willy in the OF again.

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    Willingham's a fine guy to bring in 2015 on a one year contract if there is a need but there is no reason to decide that now. Everyone is quick to move Arcia to DH while forgetting that someone needs to play OF. Maybe everything works out great next season and Hicks, Buxton and Plouffe are a legitimately good OF but that involves a lot of wishing IMO. Maybe Vargas looks like he is playing himself onto the roster late in the summer but who knows. But this decision can be made next offseason.

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