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Thread: Need some Pinto advice from the Twins fans

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    I think Pinto starts the year in Rochester... If he puts up decent numbers in AAA... He becomes the starter in Minnesota when Suzuki gets put on the DL.

    If Pinto continues to hit... Not a sure thing but possible... Suzuki gets Wally Pipped and Pinto will be the guy for a long while.

    His defense needs some work but it's not brutal by any stretch of the imagination.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jokin View Post

    Pinto's first 2 years of full-season ball (2010 and 11) were so suspect, that no national or local ranker had him above #38 on the Twins prospect lists-even after his 2012 breakout-- his OPS/wRC+ numbers were no better than mediocre in "10 and '11, even as a Catcher- and his fielding has always been a question mark (although he is certainly better than LeCroix). No question the light switched on at the plate in 2012. While what he's done the last 2 years as a batter are encouraging, he still has a ways to go before he's a certified major league backstop.
    Agreed. There's a reason that he's not very highly regarded among analysts. That doesn't mean he can't succeed, it just means he has a few things to work on.

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    I'd say don't buy one...not one of Ford's better ideas.
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