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Thread: Can anyone identify these autographs?

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    Can anyone identify these autographs?

    Kind of an odd request but my parents were in Fort Myers this week and got a few autographs on a ball. The problem is my parents are very casual fans and don't really know the players.

    So I thought, why not ask on here? I can tell the first one is Brian Dozier. Second one looks like either Jason Kubel or Bartlett? And I have no clue about the last one. I was told he was dark skinned though.

    Thanks, if anyone has an guesses.
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    Based on their numbers I think the second one is 2B James Beresford and the bottom one is 1B Kennys Vargas

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    Just confirming that the other signature is Brian Dozier. He signed this t-shirt for my son at TwinsFest.

    Dozier signature.jpg

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    Killebrew would not be happy with Vargas' autograph

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    Beresford seems like it might be correct. Vargas, not so much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zephrin View Post
    Beresford seems like it might be correct. Vargas, not so much.
    I think the bottom one has to be Vargas. The K and V look spot on and the last symbol (maybe a G) looks the same, but with different numbers. I would guess he has a different number in big-league camp.

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    Vargas is wearing 68 this spring, so that must be his autograph.

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    That's correct, Dozier, Beresford and Vargas. And those aren't bad, you should see some of these autos!

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