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Thread: Cedar Rapids Road Trips

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    Question Cedar Rapids Road Trips

    I didn't see a topic for this and the search didn't turn up anything, so.....

    Over the years, I've alway enjoyed hitting up Beloit for a couple games while en-route to either Milwaukee or Chicago for baseball road trips (or bluesfests, ribfests, really any excuse to see the country). Did you know the 1st bowling alley is in Milwaukee? I got the pictures. I haven't been down to Cedar Rapids yet, and was wondering how the trip/city was for that type of excursion. Is the area known for anything, or has anyone found an interesting byway on the way down from the TCs? Good places to stay, good places to eat? Brewerys? Speed trap country? All that sort of thing.

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    We're planning a trip to Cedar Rapids this summer. Probably will stop and tour the John Deere factory and see Field of Dreams too. They're not too far away.

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    Yeah, the Field of Dreams site near Dyersville IA is something you could stop and see on the way down to or back from Cedar Rapids. The Amana Colonies are 10 miles SW of CR.

    And yes, serious speed trap warning. Speeds on I-380 through CR are photo-enforced. Exceed the posted speed limit through town by more than a few mph and you'll be getting a letter in the mail letting you know how much money you will be contributing to the local economy even after you've returned home.

    Actually, I posted an article last April that's still relatively current. You can find it by clicking here.

    Hope you can make it down for some baseball this summer.
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    Great article, and exactly the sort of thing I was looking for. Not sure why a "Cedar Rapids" search didn't come up with anything here on TD, but, oh well. Thanks for the loose invite, and I certainly hope to make at least one weekend trip down there this summer.

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