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Thread: What do the talking heads know?

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    What do the talking heads know?

    I watched most of the broadcast today and I was struck by some of the comments by the announcers and guests. From hearing them talk, Bartlett is almost assured of a roster spot--Gladden was talking about Bartlett changing numbers and such. IMHO, he has far less than a 50-50 chance of making the team. Also, Probus and Gladden were talking about Pinto DHing and hitting for power. It seemed as if they were guaranteeing Suzuki with the starting job. I know the Twins brass has talked up Suzuki as the starting catcher, but there has to be some competition in the spring, doesn't there? I don't see Pinto as a part-time DH and I don't want to see situations where neither Suzuki nor Pinto can leave games because there is no back-up if the catcher is injured. Perhaps the Twins are willing to use Pinto as the alternate catcher and have Suzuki pick up a majority of the starts at the beginning of the season, but they don't really see him as another Doumit, do they?

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    FWIW, lots of that info both on the TV and the Radio broadcasts (and somewhat but much less on the ink-stained press) is fed by the Twins' Front Office for a variety of reasons, including to motivate players.

    Interesting to hear Gladden talk about himself and his stolen bases in the minors compared to Mastroianni's, again. And I would love it if Gladden mentions his OPS in '87 (.673) and '91 (.662) to put things into perspective occasionally...
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    It was also fun to watch Buxton live (vs highlights on YouTube) and see just how patient the kid really is. I didn't watch the whole game, and was hoping to see him open up the jets, but it was fun watching his approach.

    I don't think the Twins' brass see Pinto as a Doumit type, Gardy likes having three catchers, but can't tie up two bench players to catcher only.

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    I also heard Gladden talking up Danny Santanna at short. Personally, I don't understand why Florimon has been given the job without having to show improvement, particularily in the way he takes such awful at bats. Is there even a remote chance Santanna could win the job?

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