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Thread: Twins "Bizarre Fascination" with Matt Capps

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    No matter what you think of Capps, when you factor in forfeiting a compensation pick to sign him for more money than a number of other similar relief pitchers signed for this offseason, it feels like pure silliness. Nevertheless, I believe Capps can have a big bounceback season. Sure hope that's the case.

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    I would absolutely take Joe Nathan instead of Matt Capps. Hell, the money isn't even that much of a difference. It just seems like the Twins wanted some kind of stability, to keep a "good guy" and to not have to pay whoever they were going to pick with that compensation pick. They clearly could have waited and paid him about $2 million though.

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    I think Capps can bounce back and be a capable reliever. However, it just sucks that we pulled the trigger so early on signing him. It would have been nice to wait for the market to settle and get a better deal. If some other team had snuck in and made an offer during that time, it's not like we couldn't have replaced him.
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