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Thread: Souhan: All's quiet in Twins clubhouse

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jdosen View Post
    On the Mauer subject, I don't think he can be bashed too much for the way he is in the clubhouse..
    I'm not bashing him but I think that the clubhouse does reflect his personality and that, over the last couple of years, there haven't been other players who are veteran enough and respected enough to provide a counter balance.

    Although I believe that losing contributes in large part to that atmosphere, I can't help but think that the quietness of the clubhouse is a reflection of Mauer's personality. And I actually think that Twins management has some concern about it. Gardenhire has talked about the need for players to have fun (even in the midst of losing it is still a game). And I think that need for some attitude was a part of trying to sign A.J.

    It may be that this group of veteran pitchers can bring in a little life to the clubhouse -- Nolasco certainly seems to have a bit of a different personality. So I guess we'll see.

    But it was concerning that there wasn't any excitement or life last September when some of the rookies were called up. Losing still isn't fun but there should have been a bit of boisterousness just from several of them having a chance to realize a part of their major league dream.

    Quiet, cool, professionalism obviously works well for Joe Mauer. It doesn't necessarily work well for every player. Some signs of life would be appreciated (and I don't think this is all just Souhan complaining because he doesn't have an easy interview).

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    If you squint at the past couple decades you can kinda see the team's personality reflected by who plays up the middle. Probably a coincidence. But maybe the team will assume Suzuki's, Hicks' and Florimon's personalities this year now that Mauer's on 1B.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SDFan View Post
    I wouldn't necessarily equate "chemistry" with "boisterous" or "loud". If most of the team like things more quite and laid-back - or perhaps they would consider it more "serious" - then that's just as much a legitimate "chemistry" as a team full of jokers taking batting practice in nothing but a jock strap. Both vibes can be called chemistry - as long as it's an atmosphere where the players feel comfortable with each other, supported, appreciated, motivated, etc. It depends on the personality of the players, not what Souhan wishes it was.
    This is a great post, it really depends on the particular mix of individuals, there is no magic formula for creating chemistry, it can be created a number of different ways. One constant though is that it usually occurs organically and cannot be manufactured, bringing in some loud, gregarious players is not going to fix what ails this team or guarantee any chemistry.

    One thing is for sure, this team just needs better players. You can bring in all the cheerleaders you want, if they can't get it done on the field, it solves nothing. By the same token those loud, cheerleader types who do get it done on the field can't make water into wine, you can only elevate someone else's play so much, if at all. I'm sure there are a number of players in the Twins clubhouse who look to Joe Mauer as the example for who they want to be, a complete professional. It's just that for too many of them they lack the ability to carry that onto the field where it really matters.

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