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Thread: A more mature Hicks?

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    A more mature Hicks?

    Yes, I know its only one game....However, it seems to me that this spring there is something different about Hicks. Last year, he was clearly a mess and he was in his own head. He would have a great game and then go 0-fer for a while. Anyway, I am encouraged by his performance in the last few days especially considering he was criticized by Antony. What do you all think? It just seems to be different than last year for him.

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    Hope so. He's an important part of the team.

    I still hope Gardy starts him down in the order for a while. He will work his way back into the lead off spot eventually.

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    It is hard to say yet. I think he has played well this spring and is our best option to start in centerfield. If the Twins can't hit but their pitching is improved they better play good defense. But until he shows improvement in the regular season games I don't think we can be sure.

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    I don't put much stock in ST stats (0, exactly) but I'm encouraged by his performance so far. I'd like to think last year was just an anomaly. I want to see him in the majors again and let him get 500 plate appearances.

    My main qualm with Hicks is his switch-hitting. I think he is much better from the right side and the numbers bear that out. I'd like to see him give up hitting lefthanded and just hack from the right side, but I don't see that happening. It seems like it's a last resort type of move but I just don't see him being a legitimate lefty hitter in the bigs.
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