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Before booking a timeshare (or resorting off to a platoon) it's always good to look at the numbers.

Aaron Hicks' MLB & AAA:
2013 vs. RHP as LHB = .186/.255/.308 in 310 plate appearances.
2013 vs. LHP as RHB = .236/.317/.444 in 82 plate appearances.
2013 vs. RHP as RHB = .500/.667/.500 in 3 plate appearances.

2012 vs. RHP as LHB = .287/.394/.434 in 407 plate appearances.
2012 vs. LHP as RHB = .283/.359/.522 in 183 plate appearances.

2011 vs. RHP as LHB = .230/.358/.356 in 340 plate appearances.
2011 vs. LHP as RHB = .263/.349/.401 in 190 plate appearances.

Alex Presley's career MLB splits (2010-2013):
LHB vs. RHP = .264/.308/.426 in 634 plate appearances.
LHB vs. LHP = .264/.290/.360 in 187 plate appearances.

Granted, Hicks' performance against RHP was horrendous last year, but I'm not exactly enamored with Presley's .308 career OBP against righties either. I'm in favor of letting this Hicks kid hit until Presley, Buxton, Rosario or someone else eclipses his future by burning more brightly by the end of 2014-2015.

If it were all this simple... Circle 3/20/2013 on your calendar and remember Hicks' 4 for 4 performance as the day he heard Rob Anthony's wake up call, "I wish somebody would step up."

At any rate, it's a great opportunity. Now is the time for Hicks to step up against LHP and RHP.
This. But I wouldn't put too much stock in the correlation between Antony's motivational speech and Hicks 4-4 night. Hicks missed the first week of Spring Training and was playing catch up in the second week, but still putting good at bats together while getting about a hit a game with a few walks mixed in. When Antony made those comments, he was in the middle of a 6 for 7 streak, which should continue for a while, if his past streaks are any indication.

On the greater issues, Hicks is a better left-handed hitter than Presley. He's a much better right-handed hitter, especially in the power dimension. And a much better fielder. It's really no competition.