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Thread: Cabrera gets extension from Tigers

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    Quote Originally Posted by kab21 View Post
    You don't get discounts for extensions for elite players 1-2 years from FA. The Twins didn't with Mauer. The M's didn't with felix. the Reds didn't with votto. The Dodgers didn't with Kershaw.

    What the Tigers got was a guarantee to keep Miguel. Some teams would be willing to move on and not lock into the decline years but the tigers have silly money to spend and this isn't going to doom them.
    You do get a discount if he struggles next year though, or the foresight not to commit a lot of years to a guy already in his 30's. Signing a guy in his 30's, coming off a career year when you already have him under contract for 2 more years is a highly questionable contract decision.

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    I don't think you really understand Miguel Cabrera's career. Last year was his best season but it was just a blip above his typical season.

    You continue to ignore that every 200+M contract is questionable. Did they pay too much/too long? Yes. Do they care? No.

    Helton's contract didn't sink the Rockies. Mauer's contract won't sink the twins. ARod's contract won't sink the Yankees. Cabrera's contract won't sink the Tigers. All this means is that the Tigers can't bid on the next Cano level FA to hit the market.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iTwins View Post
    The craziest part is that Cabrera's monster deal likely means the Tigers won't be able to resign Max Scherzer in the coming offseason. Scherzer would look good in a Twins uniform...
    I respectfully disagree: Craziest part is that Cabrera is not a Boras client!
    Wouldn't be surprised if they tossed in the UP as a deal-sweetner, too.
    Feel free to pile on about Suzuki.

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