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Thread: Seth's 2014 Twins Hitter Projections

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    To put my money where my mouth is, my complete take on Seth's slash lines:

    Likes: Pinto, Dozier, Willingham (unfortunately), Arcia, Kubel
    Slight downgrades (maybe -.025 OPS): Suzuki, Florimon, Plouffe, Hicks, Escobar, Bartlett
    Bigger downgrades (maybe -.050 OPS): Mauer, Colabello (although I'm rooting for Cola as much as anyone)

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    In 2010 the Twins had 5 players with an OPS of .800 or more.*
    Most of the projections above have 1 or 2 players with an OPS of .800 or more.

    We need a lot better for this year to be much different from the last 3.

    (* yes, it's a lie, but I counted Valencia's .799 as one of them. I did not count Luke Hughes and his 2 hits in 7 at bats)

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    Quote Originally Posted by spycake View Post
    Actually AL average OPS was .725 last year. Depending on how you allocate PA, I have Seth's list at about .735.
    Yeah, I don't think we will have a league average OPS. No matter how you slice it, this will be a below average offense.

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