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Thread: Any thoughts on the top of the 8th yesterday?

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    Quote Originally Posted by LoganJones View Post
    He probably should have bunted in the 8th, too. Not that the outcome would have been any different. I wonder if Pedro's appendectomy is affecting his right handed swing. Or if Gardy got a bit excited with the bench move there.
    Bunting to move a runner already in scoring position over when you need three runs is probably not a good use of one of only six remaining outs.

    But I completely agree with your second theory about making a move for the sake of making a move, and it's definitely not just Gardy. Time and again it seems managers will call for a sac or steal when the out is more valuable, bring in a pinch runner or hitter who is only a tiny bit better, or make a pitching change that gives the platoon advantage yet is a net wash.

    Why? Out of the perfectly understandable desire to 'do something'. The feeling is that if you're not making moves, you're not really managing, you're just watching the game from a really awesome seat. Nothing could be further from the truth, but it's easy to see how it can happen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joe A. Preusser View Post
    Not necessarily disagreeing with anything I've read here, but I do believe that Escobar is/could be a much, much better hitter than Floriman. Escobar had a nice AVG in the minors and a great stretch to start the year last year. How can you all bemoan (perhaps rightly so) Floriman's bat and not feel that ANY substitution was for the good in that spot?

    That being said, Pinto should have been put in there. If you're not willing to give him that AB due to the catcher thing, AND you're not willing to let Mauer catch 2 innings, then drop Bartlett like's he's hot and bring up Hermann.
    Any guy coming off the bench cold is going to do worse than when he starts. Whatever marginal advantage Escobar might have over Florimon would be erased by the fact that he'd sat all game and Florimon had already seen Sale twice.

    IMO the best move for that spot, in decending order:

    1. PH Pinto
    2. PH Bartlett
    3. Leave Florimon in
    4. PH Kubel
    5. PH Escobar
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    Perhaps this was mentioned in the last dozen or so posts that I skipped past, but what about a double switch?

    Pinto in for Florimon and Escobar in for Suzuki.

    Of course, I would immediately counter with, "but Suzuki is up two batters later, what's the point?" Perhaps, then, that points more to a failure of lineup construction.

    IF you plan on Catching Suzuki regularly (especially against lefties)
    IF you plan on playing Florimon regularly
    IF Pinto will regularly be your best RH bat off the bench (always going to be him or Cola', right?)

    Then you need to construct your lineup differently. Suzuki needs to bat soon before Florimon in the order, not soon after.

    That way, if Suzuki gets on base and Florimon comes up, you can PR Escobar or Bartlett for Suzuki and PH Pinto for Florimon.

    If, lets say Florimon comes up first in the inning, you can do that same thing (without the Pinch Runner) and you've at least "burried" your inferior batting Suzuki replacement much further away in the batting order that inning.
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    Expounding on that just a little....

    Once Hicks proves his worthiness and gets moved up to 1st or 2nd in the order, this might take care of itself.

    That would probably slot Suzuki 7th in the order, which, in the above scenario, is right where he should be.

    Who's currently our emergency catcher? (I assume Mauer isn't allowed to even own a catchers mask at this point) Escobar? Bartlett?

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