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Added flexibility for Rosario comes from Buxton's potential offensive prowess while manning CF. Part of what has made the Mauer-to-first transition not totally terrible is the fact that there has been very good offensive production from his replacements behind the plate, especially Suzuki. Rosario in LF is made a greater possibility down the road by the over-production at other positions. I still like the Rosario-Buxton-Hicks OF in full by 2016 if they all are going to be fully ready and able.
I don't have a problem with that at all it also gives them a backup CF and 2B on the roster should an injury occur. It will be interesting to see how he develops. If he's good enough to play those positions in the MLB he might be worth more in trade for the Twins than in a corner spot. If that happens well then its a good position for the Twins to be in either way. I'll wait for Buxton to get healthy or Hicks to get better before I get worried too much about him being blocked in CF though. Where is Arcia in your scenario? DH? I was thinking that might be Vargas spot in 2016.