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Thread: Plouffe's Throwing

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    Reusse's article talks about Plouffe's bat, not his glove or throwing, which is what I thought we were discussing. I'm perfectly fine letting Plouffe play full time to see if he can find his swing and come back as a bench bat next year - so agree with Greed guy and Seth on that.

    There was also the range issue you mentioned on the two run double in the second game. It was a well hit ground ball but not a bullet by any means. Many or most third baseman make that play, or at least get dirty trying. That said, I am actually okay with chalking up early season blunders to the cold weather. It's not something you ever want to tell the media though

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    Plouffe clearly rushed the throw to home, instead of relying on the strength of his arm. If he hadn't rushed it and made a good throw, it might have been a bang bang play anyway.

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    It appears that he has a chance to be an above average hitter with some power - that's valuable. If he hits they will find a spot for him. However, the premise of the original post is that he has issues throwing that are not typical of major league infielders - its more than the "occasional bad throw everybody makes". The Twins don't have any other option right now, so yea, we live with it.

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    I have a hard time relying on fielding percentage anymore. The way rulings happen around the league they might as well just do away with errors.

    The Twins shouldn't give up on Plouffe, his floor is a valuable lefty-mashing platoon option. His problem is that people focus on the two extremes he so frequently shows us. Some are hyper-focused on a 5 week binge that he'll never repeat in his life and some others focus too much on the horrible ruts he gets himself into. Truth lies in the middle.

    (All that said - the guy is a subpar fielder. But you can live with that when he gets slotted into the role that fits him better - bench)

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