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Thread: Thoughts After One Series

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Brooks View Post
    I don't understand why you are even here if you don't think anyone should have any opinions or discussion this early in the season?
    You could always just come back around June or so.
    Honestly, I'm getting a little tired of the few posters who think it is their job to jump into every thread to remind us all that it is too early in the season to draw any conclusions.
    I'm pretty sure just about everyone knows that, and jumping into threads for the sole purpose of reminding us of that just implies that we are too stupid to realize that on our own.
    We've waited all offseason to finally discuss actual baseball again, and now we have to wait another 2 or 3 months before we can?
    Please, just ignore the thread if you think the content is not yet relevant.
    Whoa, I think you misunderstood me, Mr. Brooks! I love giving my opinion at any time, and I love hearing what others think also, especially the solid baseball minds on this forum. My post came after a quick look at the stats this morning after observing how upside-down they seem. Didn't think it was "new thread worthy", though, so I added it to this one.

    I can see how you concluded that I was mocking those that jump to early conclusions, but I assure you that I was not...I'm a member of that club!

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