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Thread: Brett Lee - 2014

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    Brett Lee - 2014

    For the second year in a row, Brett C. Lee is my adopt-a-prospect. He did so well last year, I decided to keep him. When last season started, Brett was barely on the radar screen and not on any of Seth's lists. By the end of the 2013 season, Brett was moving up on Seth's lists (I believe he should be around 18th on the Twins prospect lists--higher than Seth has him) and was arguably Cedar Rapids best starter in the second half (over Barrios and others). At the beginning of 2013 I believed Brett had a shot at the Duensing role in 2016. Now I believe he could be a number 3 starter in the Twins rotation (better than Diamond but not top of rotation level).

    Here is his story. Brett was born Sept. 20, 1990 in Pensacola FL--he will be 23 for the 2014 season and turn 24 after the minor league season is over. He is a lefty pitcher who misses bats (see stats below--high number of both Ks and BBs). He graduated High School in 2009 and was drafted in the 40th round by the Dodgers (about 1200th player selected--yikes.)

    He chose to go to junior college instead. In 2010 he pitched for Bishop St. JC in Alabama (I could only get fragmentary stats). In 2011, he went back to Florida and pitched for St. Petersburg JC. On a very mediocre team he went 4-8 with a 5.06 ERA pitching some out of the pen and making some starts. He totaled 80 innings pitched with 25 BB and 75Ks (yes missing bats).

    He was drafted by the Twins in 2011 (10th round) (better than 40th round I guess) still not heralded. He didn't pitch in GCL in 2011 cause he signed late. His career with Twins org. started in 2012 with E-Town in the Appy League (short season). Again mixing roles (both starter and pen but mostly pen). Brett's 2012 E-Town numbers 43.2 IP with a 2.68 ERA. He gave up 39 hits, walked 12 and struck out 48 (more than one per IP). His WHIP was 1.17 (good) his K/BB record was 4!!!! (impressive).

    In 2013, Brett spent the whole season in Cedar Rapids. He pitched out of the pen the first week (weather) and then became a starter the rest of the year. He pitched the only two complete games for the Kernels during the year (until the last week of the season when there was another one). Brett's innings were limited in August. He had a great year and pitched one playoff game. He got better as the year went on (until his innings were being controlled).

    His first half stats (weird start). 4-4 with an ERA of 4.44. He made 12 appearances including 10 starts--5 were "quality starts" (yes useless stat). He went 58.2IP, gave up 68 hits and 18BB but struck out 44. His WHIP was 1.47 and his K/BB record (his most impressive stat in career) was 2.4.

    His second half stats. He threw the two complete games mentioned above while going 57.1 IP (all as a starter). He went 4-0 with an ERA of 1.41!!! In the 57+ innings he gave up 42 hits and continued to miss bats with 8BB and 45K. That gives him a WHIP of 0.87 and K/BB ratio of 5.6. Both very impressive!! I don't have his ground to fly ratio handy--but it was also good--when hitters make contact--they produce grounders more often than not.

    I look forward to chronicling his 2014 exploits with the Miracle. I do think Brett has a chance to be part of the 2016 rotation at Target Field.

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    Brett Lee Update #1:

    Brett made his first start (and appearance of 2014) today (well maybe yesterday). He was staked to an EIGHT run lead in the first inning which may have changed his pitching plan. He didn't avoid bats like he did last year in Cedar Rapids--only 3Ks and 1BB in his 5.2 innings. Brett pitched well enough for a first start in what turned out to be a non-competitive game. His line--5.2 IP, 3 runs (2 earned), 6 hits and the 3Ks and 1BB. Only one of the six hits went for extra bases (a double). He did his job. He did manage to maintain his impressive ground out to fly ratio: 10 grounders to 3 flies.

    I will post ratios (like K/BB and ground to fly) as well as WHIP and ERA as the season goes along--but this is just first game.

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    Brett Lee Update #2:

    Brett picked up his first quality start of 2014 today (technically last night) in his second start of the season. (I actually thought he may have pitched better in the first one where he only went 5.2 IP). He went the 6 innings required for a quality start but didn't get the decision. His pitching line--6IP, 8 H (2 doubles, the rest singles), 3 runs (only 2 earned thanks to a Niko Goodrum error--Niko also got an RBI and had a good night offensively) 4Ks and 2BB. He got 7 grounders to 6 flyouts--well below his usual...

    His stats for the year 11.2IP, 14 H, 6 R (4 earned), 7Ks and 3BB. So his K/BB is 2.33 (good), his WHIP is 1.46 (OK not great), his grounder to fly is 1.89 (below par for him). I am confident he will get better.

    For the year Brett is 1-0 with an ERA of 3.09. By the way, reading back over this entire entry--I realized I missed something--for those who don't know--Brett is a southpaw.

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    Brett picked up his second quality start in his third appearance for the Miracle today. It was a high quality start (though he got the loss). For 5 innings he was near-perfect. A no-hitter for 4.2 innings when he gave up a single. 3 more baserunners (all reaching on errors by the Miracle IF--2 by Polanco). In the sixth Brett gave up 2 more singles and a BB--leading to two runs. (Both runs were earned). Brett had 15 groundouts (including the 3 errors) to only 5 fly outs. He walked 1 and struck out 1...still below his K numbers last year for the Kernels.

    Easily his best outing of the year (its early).

    Brett's stats for 2014 17.2 IP (in 3 starts), 17H (3 doubles the rest singles), 8 R (6 earned), 8Ks and 4BB. So his K/BB rate is 2.0, his K/9 innings is virtually 4. His WHIP is 1.19 (good). His grounder to fly ratio (I think his best attribute) is2.29 (outstanding assuming IF defense is up to par--which it hasn't been in Ft. Myers). (that's 32 grounders to 14 flies).

    Brett is 1-1 with an ERA of 3.06 and is well on his way to his second straight great season as a lefty starter in the Twins system.

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    Brett picked up his third quality start (6IP and only 2 EARNED runs) in his 4th start of the year. He was helped by the Miracle offense scoring NINE runs in the second inning led by a grand salami by Jorge Polanco. Polanco didn't make an error behind Brett today but the other two IF did (Goodrum and Grimes) leading to 2 unearned runs. Brett was perfect for innings 3, 4 and 5. Not so much the other 3 innings. He did get his 2nd win of the year.

    Brett went the 6 innings. He gave up 4 runs (2 earned), 5 hits (4 singles and a double), struck out 2 and walked 2. He had 12 ground outs to 6 flyouts. This is his biggest strength (though it has led to unearned runs in every start with the Miracle IF defensive problems.

    Brett's stats for 2014. 23.2 IP, 22 hits (4 doubles the rest singles), 12 runs (8 earned), 10 Ks and 6 BB. His K/BB rate is 1.66. His K/9 innings is 3.77. His ground/fly ratio is 2.2. His WHIP is 1.18. The strikeouts are down from last year but still OK. His other stats are outstanding.

    Brett is 2-1 with an ERA of exactly 3.00 for the year. He is definitely in contention for Seth's pitcher of the month award.

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    Brett Lee made a strong bid to be on Seth's pitcher of the month for April list--I know with Meyer, Brett has a very slim chance to win it, but he is right there!!

    Brett made his 5th appearance of 2014 tonight and picked up his 4th quality start. It was one of his best starts of the year. He went 7 innings for the first time this season. He gave up 2 runs (both earned as for the first time this year the Miracle IF made no errors when Brett was on the mound). He scattered?? 9 hits (1 double, the rest singles). He struck out 5 while walking one. He got 3 outs via flies and 9 via grounders. For good measure, he threw a WP (his first of the season).

    For 2014 (5 starts)--Brett has 30.2 IP, allowing 14 runs (10 earned), 31 hits (5 doubles and 26 singles--no triples of homers) while issuing 7 BB and striking out 15. He has 53 grounders to 23 flies. That makes his K/9 innings about 4.5; his K/BB 2.14; his ground to fly ratio 2.3; his WHIP is 1.24 (could be better but he has pitched with big leads). The Ks are still down from last year but he did better tonight.

    Brett is now 3-1 with an ERA of 2.93

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    Brett Lee Update Number 6:

    Brett made his sixth appearance for the Miracle tonight. It was his first appearance since finishing fourth in Seth's pitcher of the month award for April. Something is going on, injury or dispute with Lucas or manager or being moved to the pen or something else...10 days without an appearance...

    In any case, Brett came out of the bullpen to pitch the 9th inning. He wasn't involved in the decision. He faced 5 batters. Uncharacteristically, he didn't miss bats or get ground outs. He hit a batter (his first of the year). He gave up a single and got three fly ball outs.

    Brett is now 3-1 with an ERA of 2.84. His other stats: 31.2 IP, 14 runs (10 earned), 32 hits (5 doubles the rest singles) 7BB, 15Ks. 53 ground outs to 26 fly outs.

    For one IP not worth it to recalculate ratios. If Brett moves permanently to pen, will post updates weekly. I hope he goes back in rotation--he certainly hasn't pitched his way out of it. If he goes back into rotation, I will post updates after every start.

    If somebody knows the story behind the 10 days without pitching, I would appreciate it if you could post here.

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    Brett Lee Update #7

    Brett came off of the MIA list (not a real list but he has been missing in action since April 30 when he finished off a great month and made it to number 4 on Seth's pitcher-of-the month list). Still no clue what happened. Fort Myers story just said he made his first start since April 30.

    Brett didn't skip a beat--he just kept on doing his thing. He had arguably his best start of the year (small sample size--6th start 7th appearance). He had his highest strike out total of the year. He didn't walk a batter. He didn't give up and EARNED run. For the day, Brett pitched 5 innings--giving up 4 hits (1 double and 3 singles), an UNEARNED run (thanks to Polanco throwing error--Polanco's 14th error of the year--four of those have occurred with Brett on the rubber), 0 BBs and striking out 6. He got the win as the Miracle won going away. Brett retired 6 by the strikeout, 5 on flies and 4 on grounders.

    For the year, Brett has pitched 37.2 innings giving up 36 hits (6 doubles the rest singles), 15 runs (only 10 earned), walking 7, striking out 21, retiring 57 on the ground and 31 via flies. His K/9IP is virtually 5. His K/BB ratio is 3/1. His WHIP is 1.141. His ground/fly is 1.84. In my opinion--pretty DAM good numbers though not as good as he did in Cedar Rapids the second half of last year.

    Brett is now 4-1 with an ERA of 2.45. In my opinion on track for a mid-season promotion to New Britain (Seth will probably disagree) pending whatever issues caused his MIA status. Note: Brett was never put on the minor league DL. If his one or two remaining May starts match this performance, Brett should be on Seth's may pitcher list too.

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    Brett Lee Update 8:

    Brett had his best start of 2014 tonight in his 8th appearance and 7th start. Tonight's stint is an example of why I think he can be a good mid-rotation starter in 2016 (or 7). Brett went 6 innings, allowing 6 hits, no EARNED runs, striking out 4 and walking 2. He got 12 groundouts to only one out via flyball. This is his 5th quality start of the season. He picked up his 5th win. Now the bad news. Brett did throw a WP. He also gave up 4 UNEARNED runs thanks to (lack of) defense from the Miracle IF. Polanco had 2 errors (giving him 16 on the year with 6 of those coming when Brett is on the mound). Kepler also had two errors.

    For the year, Brett has pitched 43.2 innings, giving up 42 hits (7 doubles the rest singles), 19 runs (only 10 earned). He has walked only 9 and recorded 25 punch outs. He has gotten 69 outs via grounders as opposed to 32 via the fly ball. His k/9 IP ratio almost 9. His K/BB ratio is 2.78. His WHIP is 1.167. His ground/fly ratio is 2.156. Good numbers.

    For the year, Brett is 5-1 with an ERA of 2.11. IMHO--on track for pitcher of the month in May despite only 2 starts so far--he has pitched 12 innings without giving up and EARNED run. I think he is a candidate for mid-season promotion to New Britain--I may be in the minority here.

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    Brett Lee Update #9

    Brett followed up his best start of 2014 with his worst. (stuff) happens. Brett managed to get through 3 innings--giving up 6 hits (2 doubles, 4 singles), and 3 runs (only 2 earned). He threw a WP and struck out only 1. He didn't walk anybody. He got 4 outs via the grounder and 3 via the fly. Brett didn't pick up the loss thanks to the late game heroics of AB Walker.

    For the year, Brett has pitched 46.2 innings, giving up 48 hits (9 doubles, 39 singles), 22 runs (only 12 earned). He has walked only 9 while getting 26Ks. He has 73 grounders to 35 fly ball outs. His K/9 ratio is just about 5. His K/BB ratio is almost 3. His WHIP is 1.222. His ground/fly ratio is 2.086.

    Still good numbers--maybe a mini bump on the road to mid-season promotion to New Britain. For the year, Brett is 5-1 with an ERA of 2.61. Start probably cost him a shot at Seth's may pitcher of the month list--maybe not--the two earned runs last night were the only earned runs Brett gave up in May.

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    Brett Lee Update #10

    Brett was put on the 7 day (minor league) DL yesterday (6/1). Couldn't find reason--so do not know how long he will be out.

    This may be my only June update (I know violation of Seth's rule). I am traveling most of June (leaving Friday the 13th). I will go 'unplugged'. So if Brett doesn't come off the DL before then, I wont post until around June 30. (If he starts before June 12, I will post update).


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    Back from my travels. Brett is still on the 7 day DL--he has been there the whole month of June. He was replaced on the FSL All-Star squad. So no news while I was away. Posting this because of Seth's rule even though no new info. Hopefully, Brett will be back on the mound sooner rather than later.

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    Brett Lee Update 11:

    This is a little late--cause I was surprised Brett came off the DL (part of a series of Twins minor league moves resulting from activation of Plouffe and Nunez). Brett had spent almost the entire month of June on the 7 day DL.

    Then he actually makes an appearance (out of the pen) his second relief appearance to go with 8 starts. He pitched as if nothing had happened--3 innings. 10 batters. One single. No runs. No BB. 2Ks, 5 grounders and no fly balls. Pretty DAM good!! Looks like he will be back in the Miracle rotation this weekend.

    I keep stats by half. Updating--first half stats for Brett. 46.2IP, 48 hits (9 doubles, the rest singles), 22 runs (only 12 earned), 9 BB and 26K. He had 73 grounders to 35 fly outs (a ratio of 2. 086). His k/9 was virtually 5. His K/BB was 2.88. His WHIP was 1.222. Pretty good numbers and he was named to the league all-star team--but did not play cause he was on the DL.

    His second half stats--too early only 3 innings. Brett picked up the win as he was on the mound when the Miracle offense came alive. For the year, Brett is 6-1 with an ERA of 2.22. If he had been healthy in June he would be a candidate for NB promotion.

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    Brett Lee Update #12

    Brett made his first start of the 2014 second half season tonight. (His 9th start of the year). It was his worst start (from my perspective at least) in the year and a half he has been my AAP. The good news--he didn't give up an EARNED run. The bad news--the rest of his stats. He only pitched 3 innings (injury?? wildness?? precaution since first start since May??). He was as wild as he has ever been. 4 BB in 3IP. He gave up 2 runs (neither earned thanks to an error by Travis Harrison), 2 hits (both singles). He did pick up the loss. He struck out 2 and got 5 ground outs and 2 fly outs (his usual good ratio).

    His second half stats--6 IP, 2 runs (O Earned), 3H (all singles--he has not given up a triple or homer all season), 4Ks and 4BB. He has gotten 10 outs on ground balls to only 2 on flies. Too small a sample size for ratios.

    For the year, Brett is now 6-2 with an ERA of 2.09.

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    Brett is Back!!!! Brett after a couple of bad starts and a stint on the DL came back tonight with his best start in nearly two months. His 6th quality start of the year. He did not give up an EARNED run (he has given up ZERO earned runs in the second half). He left with the game tied in the 7th inning (the Miracle won it in bottom of the 9th). He pitched 6 and 2/3 innings giving up an unearned run (due to Polanco's 23rd error--7 have come with Brett on the mound) 5 hits (4 singles and a double) walking 1 and getting 8 punch outs. He got 7 more outs via the ground ball and 2 via the fly.

    Brett's second half stats (small sample size)...12.2 IP, 3 runs (all unearned), 8 hits (all singles except for the one double) 5BB, 12Ks, 17 grounders and 4 flyouts. His K/9 ratio is virtually 9 (a strikeout and inning). His K/BB ratio is 2.4 (good in spite of bad outing before this). His WHIP is 1.027 (again inflated by 4BB his bad outing).

    I believe Brett is back on track for Seth's July pitcher of the month list, as well as promotion to New Britain (injury somewhere needed now--but in 2015) and mid-rotation for Twins in 2017.

    For the year Brett is 6-2 with ERA of 1.85.

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    Brett Lee Update #14

    Brett didn't have one of his best starts today. He didn't get the decision. The game is actually still going on as I type this (in the 17th !!! inning). Brett pitched the first 5 and gave up his first EARNED run of the second half (that may still leave him in the running for making Seth's July pitcher of the month). The good news--most of his stats were good (5 IP, the 1 run, 4 hits, 7 ground outs to 3 flies). The bad news--he didn't get a strikeout and issued SIX BB.

    Brett's second half stats...17.2 IP, 4 runs (only one earned), 12 hits (only 2 doubles, the rest singles--he has still given up no homers or three baggers), 12Ks, 11BB, 24 ground outs to 7 flies. His K/9 ratio is virtually 6, K/BB dropped to 1.9, his ground to fly is 3.43, his WHIP went up to 1.30. Tonight's outing hurt all of his ratios. (I hope my math is good at this late hour--12:40).

    For the year, Brett is still 6-2 with an ERA of 1.85.

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