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Thread: Setting the record straight on Eddie Rosario

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    Quote Originally Posted by clutterheart View Post
    A this point, I wouldn't call any of those guys "legit" OF prospects.

    Kepler - We'll See
    Walker - We'll see
    Harrison - We'll see
    JD Williams - Could be a nice 4th OF guy
    Larsen - Way too early to predict
    Minier - Way too early to predict
    Goodrum - Super utility type?

    I agree with this article. So far Dozier has shown enough Right Handed power to stay with the team. Let's see what happens with Rosario after his suspension. If he can still hit, there is a place for him on the roster, and think LF would be an OK place for him.
    is not a bad OF for 2015
    Kepler certainly is a legit prospect. I think Walker is. Probably Harrison. Not sure about the rest.
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    I also agree that they are not "loaded" with sure fire OFers.....I'm still not sure Hicks is a MLB OF at a corner. They have pretty much the same number of 2B prospects as OF prospects, imo.
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    Something that hasn't been mentioned is that Corner OF are cheaper to acquire either via free agency or trade than a good 2B. Maybe if he shows enough with the bat we've got an awesome asset in a guy who can play corner of, backup 2B and maybe even be your backup at CF in a pinch. I'd like to see him stick at 2B as many have mentioned here just because that's where his bat would be the most valuable either for the Twins either on the Major league club or in the right trade scenario.

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