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Thread: Time to be concerned about Aaron Hicks?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Siehbiscuit View Post
    Keith Law said in the off-season (paraphrasing) that when Buxton is ready to come North that Hicks (if he's become an everyday caliber player) will be shopped. His ability to play centerfield will make him valuable to other teams. Law said that Hicks will never have the bat to justify putting in a corner OF position.
    Agreed. He's much more likely to be moved to another team than to a corner of the Twins outfield as a starter. But the chance that he'll bring something valuable in return is almost entirely based on whether he can improve the quantity and quality of left-handed contact. Expecting that not to happen and hoping to be pleasantly surprised.

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    Hicks never swings the bat. I had no idea until this afternoon, playing around on Fangraphs. (o-swing = swing percentage at pitches out of zone, z-swing = swing percentage at pitches in zone, and swing = swing percentage at all pitches)

    o-swing 22.1%
    z-swing 55.5%
    swing 39.7%

    o-swing 18.5%
    z-swing 54%
    swing 35.8%

    to put that in context, of qualified hitters in 2013, here's the range:
    o-swing 20% (Votto) to 49.6% (AJ)
    z-swing 52.2% (Prado) to 85.7% (Freeman)
    swing 37.3% (Carpenter) to 60.7% (AJ)

    He NEVER swings. I don't know how to find these stats for MILB, but I'd be curious to see how this compares to his A and AA seasons.

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