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Are we still the #2 Offense, or have we went to like #15 offense and bumped our pitching from #29 to #26?
The Twins are currently #6 in the Majors in terms of Runs Scored per Game, at 4.82 R/G.

Unfortunately, they are #4 in the Majors in terms of Runs Allowed at 4.97 R/G

There's always room for a little optimism, Nolasco has been much better his last two starts, Hughes is settling into a groove, Deduno should be better than Pelfrey, so the starting pitching overall is trending up.

The injury bug bit really hard (one could argue that was inevitable given the age / injury history of the guys on the shelf, but I think it was still worse than expected.) , and some of those players should be back very soon, the nightmare week that was is almost over.