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Thread: Article: Finding Room For Arcia

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    Quote Originally Posted by jorgenswest View Post
    My fear is that instead of trading him, the a Twins will extend him into his decline.
    I think Turner and Garver will keep any Suzuki extension short. I'm not sure Suzuki would want an extension when Pinto is breathing down his neck. I don't think he's ready to be a backup yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jokin View Post
    Fuld yes, but Beresford? If he was truly the answer at SS, why wouldn't he have been given a better shot at gaining the position when it was obvious that Florimon was ailing in Spring Training?.....and why hasn't he already been called up when Florimon was setting new records for hitting futility in April?.....why is he 4th in line behind Santana, Bernier and Nunez to play SS?..... and why would the organization go to all the trouble of trading for Nunez in the first place?

    Color me skeptical on Beresford as anything but a Util guy at the major league level.
    Don't get me wrong, I'm hardly a Beresford fan. The question is whether or not he's an upgrade over Florimon... right now, I'd think just about anyone is...

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    Maybe bench Mauer.

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    Just commenting on this last page of comments. There is no evidence so far that Stuart Turner is going to be good. There is evidence for Garver, but it is at A ball. I am on the record for being disappointed with the Twins catcher draft selections last year. I really think they amount to little. Anyway, Beresford should absolutely be in consideration for promotion soon. Let Escobar take it for now.

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