I'm not completely adverse to moving Fuld to the top of the order, he's getting on base over 30% this season and has looked good since joining the Twins, but in 2012 he posted a .270 OBP and his career OBP is only .313. Ideally Fuld is not the everyday CF for this team, but with Hicks still looking lost (and battling a concussion), I've got to stop living in a ideal world. With Mauer out moving Fuld to the 2 spot is a good place.

My main argument against Fuld at leadoff is Brian Dozier. There's no reason to move him from the leadoff spot. He's getting on base at a great clip, he's stealing bases, he's doing everything you want him to be doing as a lead off hitter. I'm not sure he'll sustain this HR rate. And using the "team leading HR hitter" argument is more an admonishment of the rest of this lineup than a reason to move Doizer. Having a leadoff hitter who hits 20+ HR isn't a bad thing. They're not all going to come as leadoff HRs. You want your best hitters getting the most at bats, and the leadoff guy gets the most at bats. Let Dozier keep putting in his work at the top of the lineup.