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Thread: Twins Move!

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    My dad grew up in Western Ohio in the 50's and 60's, so the Cincinnati Redlegs (Reds) would be my "new" team. I already half-heartedly cheer for the Reds since they are in the National League and are not one of the Twins' rivals.

    I could never be a Sox fan (either shade), or Detroit, or the Yankees.

    When there was a threat of contraction, I did briefly entertain the idea of becoming a Giants fan, but fortunately it never came to that.

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    I might be moving to Portland....so that would make it easy!

    Otherwise, no chance I'd stay a Twins fan. I remain one because they and I are both here, not out of love for their FO and approach.
    Lighten up Francis....

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    My second team has always been the Oakland A's. I like the way they do business. Trading players when their value is the highest, drafting well, and finding value in fringe free agents.

    It's sort of the way the Twins needed to operate to be successful in the Metrodome except without the sentimentality.

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    I'm a Minnesota sports fan first and foremost having grown up in Minnesota. I actually haven't lived in Minnesota for almost 20 years now, but being on the Eastern edge of North and South Dakota and my parents still being in Minnesota, my ties haven't changed. If the Twins left, I'm not sure if I'd manage to be much of a baseball fan anymore. It would depend on which team got shoehorned into being the "local" team, I guess. The Rockies I could go for, the Royals too. I don't think I could stand either Chicago team, and the Brewers just don't do anything for me.

    Minneapolis is in reasonable driving distance. Nobody else is. I don't even make it to games often, once or twice a year at best, but not being able to at all would just suck. But I do know that I'd be only vaguely interested in a few of the players on the team, but would pretty much actively root against the Twins once they were gone. I can't imagine I would lose my Minnesota fandom regardless of where I lived, but once a team wasn't from Minnesota it wouldn't be my team anymore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cmathewson View Post
    I moved to NY and continue to wear my red TC hat with the blue bill from the 70s. I will never root for another team.
    Hey, me too--as in, I wear my red late '70s Twins cap on softball fields in NYC. It's quite a conversation starter because baseball fans know it's old. I guess I'll know who you are if I run into you!

    As for loyalties, I asked myself that question during the contraction discussion. I've concluded that you can't force a rooting interest, it just has to "flow," and it can surprise you where your emotions lead. The only New York team that I truly care about is the New York Rangers. Go Rangers!
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    I still cheered for the Stars in Dallas so I'm sure I'd still cheer for the Twins. My interest in hockey began to wane exponentially though after the hockey team moved. I don't think that would happen with baseball but I'd probably eventually turn into a passive observer.

    Just like during the contraction scare I absolutely WOULD NOT cheer for the Brewers. As if Bud Selig's franchise gaining the Minnesota market wasn't part of the contraction plan. I wouldn't give them the satisfaction of that minor victory.

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    I'd stop rooting for the Twins for sure and I'd probably lose interest major league baseball for quite some time. Being from Iowa originally, I'm guessing I'd end up rooting for the Royals. A small market team in a city I like and a nice stadium. Doesn't hurt that they haven't been all that competitive when the Twins were(during my lifetime) so there's no antipathy on that front either.

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    I would stop, that's basically betrayal. I would also probably root for the Rangers (they used to be my favorite team when I was 12 and it was A-Rod, don't hate me.)

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    I couldn't cheer for the team after they moved. That kind of betrayal would be too hard to forgive. That being said, I don't know where my allegiance would fall next. I couldn't cheer for any other AL Central teams (I despise them all!) and I couldn't switch to the NL (Ew, pitchers batting...) I supposed I'd end up with either Oakland or Tampa Bay. I like the way both clubs operate. Thankfully, this is a problem that I won't have to actually think about!

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