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I don't think at the time the deals were done for the above players anyone really had an issue with it. Because a lot of those players have fallen short of expectations for various reasons it's easy to say now that the Twins should have foreseen that and been smarter. They thought they had a lineup that justified the expense, based on previous performance, in the Rays case, they didn't necessarily.

The biggest problem in baseball is that the biggest money typically gets spent after a big contract player has played his best baseball, it's like they've earned the right to be overpaid. So if you're saying the Twins should recognize this and not fall into that type of mentality then you're right. It would make them even less popular with most of their fans then they already are however.
I understand what you are saying... I'm saying without researching it. That very few teams are getting killed like this. Not question the contracts in total... Just the freeking luck.

I was happy they actually spent money... I remember Calvin Griffith and the Metrodome Pohlad payroll that followed him... Loved that they were finally investing to retain talent instead of watching your guys leave for better deals. I would have given Mauer 23 Million... I would have given Morneau his contract. Liriano was worth the shot. I wouldn't have reached deep for Pavano or Baker or Blackburn but that was me personally.

Look at it this way... After year upon year of Calvin Griffith... Followed by year after year of Carl Pohlad and the non revenue producing Metrodome.

As an organization... They finally open the checkbook and sign some big contracts and look what happens. They got crippled by it. I'm saying... I waited a long time for this and was looking forward to what turned out to be punch in the face. I'm not sure the punch was worth the wait.