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Thread: Posnanski's Intentional Walk Rage Scale and Gardy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beezer07 View Post
    Re: Ortiz in this series. I have no problem with the Twins continued insistence against putting him on base. Every time he's hit a HR, the bases have been empty. Unless there are already 2 outs and the guy after him is complete garbage, don't give up the IBB.
    Napoli is a pretty good hitter, but doubles become singles with Ortiz on the base paths. I would pitch to Napoli before I pitch to Ortiz, every time. I prefer the unintentional, intentional walk to Ortiz more often than not, especially if there is one on or none. One, two run home run, or two, one run home runs. What's the difference? On the other hand, an easy double play can negate both.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beezer07 View Post
    These stats are the opposite of what I would except re: sac bunts. That makes me pretty happy. How about attempted steals?
    15th in steals (1165) but 9th in caught stealing (487). Also, they are second to the Yankees in grounding into double plays - mostly b/c they don't strike out that much and hit a lot of singles - 25th in SO (as hitters, a good thing), 16th in walks (as hitters).

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    Love Posnanski's work, one of the best writers in baseball. Not a fan of the intentional walk either. Unless your Rick Vaughn walking to face Jack Parkman there are few situations it really makes sense.

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