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Thread: "Speeding up a Game"

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    "Speeding up a Game"

    Sorry if I mislead you with the thread title, but this post isn't about how I think MLB games need to be sped up.

    I'm going to be coaching junior high baseball this summer (practice starts today actually) and I've been reading up on strategies to prepare for the season. I came across some reading by coach Bobby Winkles about speeding up the game. He had his players constantly running no matter what they were doing, and this resulted in quicker games.

    Where I am coaching, junior high games are on a time limit of maybe an hour and a half, so I plan on using the same strategy as Coach Winkles to get more game experience for the players. Since they will be running most of the time during a game, the players have to be in shape. I will likely use wind sprints and poles sometimes, but I am not a fan of using practice time just to run because I feel it is a waste of time. Outside of baserunning drills, what are some drills we can do to get in shape while also practicing a skill?
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    I've always thought the big factor was how fast the pitcher works, and if the batter is ready to bat?

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