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Thread: Fangraphs: Phil Hughes to the Max

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    Fangraphs: Phil Hughes to the Max

    Phil Hughes to the Max

    by Jeff Sullivan - May 19, 2014

    Fact: Phil Hughes has always been a tinkerer. All players are constantly making adjustments, so in that sense all players are tinkerers, but Hughes has been a tinkerer to the extreme. He’s gone back and forth on what pitches he’s wanted to throw, and Ben Lindbergh identified several different versions of Hughes, the pitcher. Adjustments are interesting to investigate, so Hughes hasn’t been dull, although this leads us to the next fact.
    "Maybe you could go grab a bat and ball… and learn something. Maybe you will get it."
    - Strib commenter educating the elitists on the value of RBI's

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    Great article.

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    His whole career, Hughes hasn’t been afraid of attacking the strike zone. Sometimes that’s gotten him in trouble, but he’s been a strike-thrower, and now he’s only kicked that up.

    ​Phil Hughes and Rick Anderson were apparently made for each other.

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    Interesting article which is a tribute to Hughes and the Twins' coaching staff. This article emphasizes the multiple variables which go into being a good pitcher. Baseball, especially pitching, really is a thinking man's game.

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    In my humble opinion, the ballpark changes have and will continue to be (arguably) the biggest difference with Hughes' pitching this season. Not just the Yankee Stadium to Target Field change either. The AL East has great offensive players, but it also has Yankee Stadium, Tropicana, Camden Yards, Fenway, and Skydome... all unarguably raging hitters parks. Compare that to Target Field, Comerica, Prgoressive, Kauffman Stadium and Comiskey... we are talking about several more starts in pitcher friendly parks. For a fly-ball guy like Hughes that is heavily dependent on his fastball and hitting his spots, I would have to think that would do wonders for his confidence. Can really just "get after people". Whatever it is, this recent run with Hughes has been fun and I hope he keeps it going. Good to win games in different ways. The pitching of late is making a .500 season look like more of a realistic possibility.

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    Pretty much agree that the AL Central parks are fair, except don't include The Cell. The ball flies there, especially when the weather warms up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brock Beauchamp View Post
    Great article.
    I agree. Just very thorough and transparent, which goes a long way for me. As much as Dave Cameron gets his due at Fangraphs; I like Sullivan's stuff more.

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