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Thread: Vin Scully: "Let the Crowd Roar" (SB Nation)

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    Vin Scully: "Let the Crowd Roar" (SB Nation)

    The actual title of the article is "We've Been Friends Long Enough You'll Understand" by Cee Angi but for me, the heart of what makes Scully great is the idea of letting the "moment breathe" just as you and your friends would do at the game or in a bar.


    A fascinating and eloquent piece about a fascinating and eloquent man. It's a fairly long read but well worth your time.

    Some of my favorite nuggets are Red Barber's advice: "It isn't how much, but what you say."

    and this passage:

    Ken Korach once asked Scully, "What's broadcasting's essence?" Scully replied without hesitation: "That you are believable. If you always say everything is great for your team it won't mean anything when something great happens."

    Vin Scully has been believable for fans in Dodgerland and elsewhere for more than half a century.

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