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Thread: In this organization, it's all about pitching

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    In this organization, it's all about pitching

    I was just having a look at the performance of the Twins' affiliates and their collective numbers. Something interesting popped up. In this organization, from Beloit to the Twins, each teams' record is a reflection of the team's pitching and not of its hitting. And more specifically WHIP. Hitting helps (and that is what mainly separates the Snappers from the Red Wings) but pitching is the main driver (and WHIP correlates more with Ws than any other simple pitching measure) ... Thought I'd share

    Rock Cats 18 W 12 L 1.168 0.662
    Snappers 17 W 13 L 1.294 0.736
    Red Wings 12 W 16 L 1.303 0.651
    Miracle 11 W 19 L 1.376 0.641
    Twins 7 W 20 L 1.429 0.658
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    Great data.
    Funny . . . or telling . . . how it all correlates.
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