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Thread: Article: Minor League's Salary Structure Unfair?

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    This gets fixed in a hurry through one of two methods:

    1. Give MiLB players a seat at the CBA negotiations

    2. Split MLB and MiLB into separate unions

    Both are reasonable solutions, both will pay immediate dividends and nobody in their right mind can say that it's unfair to either side. All that MiLB players want is a seat at the table. Everyone deserves a seat at the table. Period.

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    One thing to keep in mind is MLB and MLBPA just implemented a huge paycut to the minor leagues in the form of the "slot" bonus system and the international free agent pool.

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    Quote Originally Posted by diehardtwinsfan View Post
    Anyone is free to go into any line of work. That line of reasoning is a dangerous slope here as employers can band together to restrict wages and justify it with this very reason... and I'd add that any employer can essentially do this. This is why anti-trust legislation is in place. Baseball has an anti-trust exemption because they have a union that collectively bargains wages... however, the union isn't representing the players.

    The issue here is not whether or not a minor league ball player can find work in another field. The issue here is whether or not these guys are being compensated fairly for what they do and whether or not the organization collectively bargaining on their behalf is representing their interests. This is very little different from what the NCAA is doing to college football players right now.

    I agree completely. I could see MLB losing in court because the union does not repesent MILB players. So they aren't really part of the union.

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