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Thread: updating the roster to contend

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul Pleiss View Post
    The Morales signing indicates the Twins want to contend. (YES) If this is their objective then other changes need to be made (YES). The following are my suggestions. They are a mix of what I want while also considering the reality of what the Twins might do.

    Roster moves:
    1. Morales is added and Kubel is released (YES)
    2. When Fuld comes back Parmelee is sent back to AAA (if he clears waivers) (YES)

    Lineup/playing time
    1. Santana remains in centerfield as an everyday player and bats leadoff (No, no, no no, no! You said so yourself that Hicks is slowly improving. Let him continue to play and continue to improve. he's 24 and gets on base 34% of the time. bat him near the bottom of the order, but let him play everyday unless he proves he cant, at which point send him to AAA. I don't believe this is the REAL Santana. Ride Danny until his bat falls off, but he needs time at SS this season and Ecobar has a firm grasp on that spot at the MLB level. What's the use in developing Santana to be a CF with Buxton coming up?)
    2. Dozier bats 2nd and stays at 2B (I like moving Dozier out of the leadoff spot, maybe even putting Mauer in front of him. Heck, even Escobar!)
    3. Mauer (I like him in the 2 spot, Escobar (Santana, when he's playing) leading off, Dozier at 3)
    4. Willingham stays in LF everyday and bats cleanup (YES)
    5. Morales DHs batting 5th (No, Arcia at 5, let Morales prove he can still hit before you put him ahead of Ozzie)
    6. Arcia (when healthy) bats 6th and plays (No, 5th)
    7. Plouffe keeps doing what he has been (YES)
    8. Suzuki and Pinto share time catching (YES, with more opportunities for Pinito to catch since he is losing DH days to Morales)
    9. Escobar bats last and plays everyday at short (Or bats first, Hicks in the 9 slot.)

    Other position players
    -Hicks relieves Santana and Arcia a day or 2 a week. It's not ideal for him to stay in the majors but there really isn't anyone else who needs to come up in AAA and Hicks has slowly been getting better. (Hicks is improving. Let him keep working things out at the MLB level. He needs to play more than 2-3 games a week)
    -Fuld is used primarily as a pinch runner or defensive replacement for Willingham. Shouldn't really get many (any) starts. (No. Defensive/Runner? let him spell guys in the OF the way a 4th OF should. Let Santana be a pinch runner. He makes a better utility guy and pinch runner/hitter than Fuld ever could).
    -Nunez gives Plouffe and Escobar days off when They need them. (YES! Also more room to play Santana here)

    Regarding Hicks, I would agree keep him in CF 5 of 7 days or so. He is improving and as you point out, most 9 hitters don't get on base 34% of the time. Santana's BA needs to fall to .320 to have the same OBP as Hicks, so he doesn't walk at all and he is not goign to be a career .320 hitter. I would absolutely not play Hicks 1 or 2 days a week. He needs to be in AAA if that is all he sees the field, especially since he dropped LH batting.

    Split some reps for Santana and Escobar at SS and give Santana a few days in CF.

    Regarding Kris Johnson. Meyer is the guy that makes us better tomorrow, and five years from now. Johnson has a had a decent two year run here, but he is 29 and those K per 9 numbers of 6-7 per 9 don't project like Meyer. Career Minor numbers, Johsnon 4.15 ERA, 6.4 K per 9. Meyer, 3.00 ERA, 10.5 K per 9. If we are going to spent $8M mid-season for Kendry's Morales and the super 2 deadline is near, the time is now.
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    Deduno needs to be replaced.

    He was a decent fallback option for Pelfrey to keep the kids in the minors long enough to delay their service clocks, but that's no longer an issue and the Twins have better options.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jorgenswest View Post
    The Twins are using a Guerrier in mostly low leverage situations. While he is not going to hurt them there, I would rather invest those low leverage innings into a younger pitcher like Tonkin.
    Actually, I'd rather get a long reliever for that spot. What good is it to eat one inning when there are 4-5 to go? Correia or Deduno back in this spot might make the most sense (and allow us to audition potentially better starters in the rotation while maintaining some fallback options, of course).

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