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Thread: Your Confidence Level in Justin Morneau

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    Falling Apart

    I'd love to see Justin Morneau playing the way he did in the first part of 2010. In many ways, I've felt that he was the heart and soul of this club -- much more so than Mauer who seems like a bit of an automaton to me. But Nick is right, it isn't just the concussion. It is the wrist. It is the pinched nerve. It just feels as though his body is letting him down -- as though he were 40 instead of 30.

    I don't blame him for not retiring before this season but I do think that he may have to face some hard truths this spring -- and decide how much risk he wants to take with the rest of his life. Scary prospect.

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    It's not only his concusion that is a concern I am concerned about his wrist and what that will do to his power especially in the vast Target Field. I am old enough to remember how Roger Maris lost his power after injurying his wrist. A lot of power comes from snapping our wrist.

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    If he can't play one of the easiest fielding positions in the game, how do we expect him to hit 90+ mph stuff with relearned reaction times and visual perception? I'm with Morneau regarding the idea of permanent DH if it comes to that. No go. I really hope the guy comes back in full force and us realists/pessimists/pragmatists/etc all eat a whole lot of crow by mid-June. Love the guy, love his swing, love his attitude toward the game.

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