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Thread: Game Thread: Twins@Jays 6/11 11:37AM

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    Burton had a nice comeback to his career and a nice run with this team but it's got to be over. There are too many guys waiting in Rochester to do what he can't. Some of whom would make nice happy, huggy Twins stories themselves considering the paths they've taken.

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    curt1965 (06-11-2014)

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    Quote Originally Posted by JB_Iowa View Post
    Maybe YOU broke Joe's Hex.
    Yeah.. I must have pizzed him off suggesting he try the 8 hole for a while. What ever it was, it sure was good to see. Now I need to suggest Burton, Nolasco, and Deduno spend a little time in Rochester and see if they will respond likewise

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    Waiting for the post-game press conference from Gardy and, of course, the Kwik Trip Butcher comes on the air to tell me about his creepy, well marbled meat.
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    JB_Iowa (06-11-2014)

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    Not sure if I've mentioned how much I enjoy beating Toronto before, so just to be sure, I really enjoy beating Toronto.

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    Mauersie's wOBA is back above .300. And there was much rejoice!
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