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Thread: Instant replay

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    Instant replay

    I'm of the opinion that instant replay and baseball are a perfect fit, because in baseball more then any other sport replay can get 90% of bad calls fixed INSTANTLY. The system in place now of course is anything but that. There are fixes that could improve things between now and a more instant solution, but really for me I just want to see managers go nuts about bad calls again. Lets at the very least do something about the stall tactics before the start of spring training. As for the strike zone thats a simple fix if and when they want to do it although I have no doubt they will find a way to screw that up too.

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    There's nothing less exciting than watching the manager and the umpire idly chatting away while the manager peers into his own dugout, awaiting a thumbs up or thumbs down.

    I want to see grown men throwing tantrums a la Lou Piniella.

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