OK, OK. I have kind of backed P-Flo all year. Let me say this first, Florimon should not be in the majors. Also, if the Twins need room on their 40-man, designate him. I will say that Florimon's entire body of work isn't quite as futile as has been painted here. He is above the Mendoza line (.204) and he has hit 10 long balls in under 700 plate appearances, so he has some power, along with 24 stolen bases. His OPS is in Buteraland, and that is not a good place to be. Further, I would guess Pedro is now fourth in a depth chart of shortstops. 1) Santana 2) Espinosa and 3) Nuñez. I don't think Florimon belongs as part of the present with the Twins and it is obvious that he isn't part of the future.