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Thread: Rubberband

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    What was wrong with LeCroy-zie?

    Are you on board with is, or are you not?

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    Matthew LeCroy's Home cooking:

    Ok, Sorry, that's way off-topic. Rubberband feels broken at the moment, but I think the rest of the homestand with tell the story.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mike wants wins View Post
    combo platter:

    1. they aren't GOOD, they are ok (which is better than last year, btw)
    2. the guys replacing the injured players are quite not good
    3. they hit a stretch of really bad pitching
    4. the lack of depth at AA and AAA is kiling them
    I want to dispute #4 on the list. Both Rochester and New Britain have winning records. They have guys who can help major league clubs, unfortunately those guys are not power hitters, center fielders or lead off hitters. Rochester doesn't have a single hitter on the active roster who I see as more than the last man on the bench (Pinto is still DLed right?), but they have pitching. New Britain has a potential 1B-DH along with Hicks and Rosario in the OF.

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    Rosario was not around for two plus months, that is killing them. Rochester has zero hitters, that is killing them. Hicks is only depth because he failed up here. There is a lot of pitching, which somehow cannot crack the roster, even though the team is one of the five worst starting staffs in the majors. I guess there is some depth, but it isn't being used, so how good can it be?

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