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Thread: Article: Twins Minor League Starting Pitcher of the Month - June

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    Article: Twins Minor League Starting Pitcher of the Month - June

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    Buxton, Sano, Meyer, Berrios?, Rosario or Steward - top 5 (6)

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    I am old school and patient when it comes to prospects. With little exception, I disagree with promoting kids above their age/experience level to prevent sudden loss of confidence if they encounter sudden difficulties. There is a reason baseball has multiple levels for advancement.

    But there are talented prospects that come along that simply defy normal parameters. And despite his age and only 15 starts at high , Berrios is one of those rare prospects that are simply ready sooner than later.

    I dont get lost in potential and believe he'll be in the rotation 2015, or even AAA to begin the season. But at this point, I believe he's forced the Twins hand, and he's ready for New Britain.

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    I agree with Doc Bauer on Berrios and want to add that when you dominate a league like this after while you quit growing cause there is no way to gauge your weaknesses when everything works all of the time. Berrios has been too dominant in his current league that I think he needs the challenge of moving up soon so he can continue to learn and make adjustments. Yes I understand he is young and still growing but I think he is ready to make the jump based on the results I am seeing from him day in and day out.

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