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Thread: Article: Rock Cats' Top Bats Scuffling

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    Article: Rock Cats' Top Bats Scuffling

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    I'd love to root for guys like Reynaldo Rodriguez (and Brad Nelson at AAA) but methinks the Twins will better of moving players like M.Gonzales, DJ Hicks, Garver, Haar et.al. a step up and see what players like D. Romero can do with the glove on 1B (at AAA), instead of playing players 3-4 years older than the league average age in those positions.

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    The Twins need to see if Romero can play 1st base on a semi regular basis, he doesn't look like he has the glove for 3rd base. If Collabello doesn't pan out, Romero would be in a much better position for a call up during the next Mauer injury.

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