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Thread: Article: Twins Minor League Report (7/5): Jorge, Gordon Lead E-Twins

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    Article: Twins Minor League Report (7/5): Jorge, Gordon Lead E-Twins

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    Why was Stewart ejected?

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    I think your players of the day are outdated, Mildren didn't pitch today

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    I'm thinking Stewart has started to run out of gas lately. Probably get 30 more innings in and call it a season.

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    holy Toledo! whats with all the ejections?

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    I was at the Kernels game. It was unclear to me what Stewart was upset with the home plate ump about. All ball was hit down the line in left and called fair by the ump. That was when Stewart started having words. I thought it more likely had to do with not liking some balls-strikes calls earlier in the ab or previous abs. Whatever it was though, it was brief and not very animated. The ump looked like he could've been the same age as Stewart though.

    One other thing about Stewart: it seemed to me like he was working in his slider a fair amount. From my seat just above the first base dugout, pitch recognition isn't a sure thing, but between the velocity and the movement, I was guessing slider. The pitch was registering in the low eighties on the CR radar and often finished in the dirt. Compared to what I thought looked like his curve (a little slower on the gun) the drop was discernibly sharper. His fastball worked at around 92 and hit 96 once. I thought at first the pitch we were thinking was his slider might have just been a change that dropped but it seemed like there was another pitch that better fit the typical change up look. Whatever pitch it was, it was good. He threw it up in the count and it was getting swing and misses. It looked to me like he worked five different pitches in his short outing: FB, Curve, Slider, Two seam FB, and change. It was a bummer the defense let him down and even more of a bummer when he got tossed. The inning did get long after the errors and runs. I'm sure he was more discouraged than tired.

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