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Thread: Article: Looking at Relief Pitchers in Upper Minors

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    Article: Looking at Relief Pitchers in Upper Minors

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    Good overview. There are also many other potential candidates within the Twins system currently. They really are stocked with bullpen talent right now it seems. More options in no particular order:

    Edgar Ibarra- already on 40 man, lefty
    Cole Johnson- good peripherals, currently at AA
    Zach Jones- Touches 100, control issues. Underwent surgery this year
    Tyler Jones- only at A+ but he has consistently put up fantastic numbers.
    Brandon Peterson- Has dominated every level he's been at since being drafted in 2013.

    Then there are the injured/made starters that could still emerge,
    Luke Bard
    JT Chargois
    Alex Wimmers
    I know there are more college relievers that they tried to make starters that could potentially still slide back into a reliever roll. Also depending on how the rotation works out Meyer and May could both still end up as relievers.

    Lots of talent available right now. I think the Twins need to make room for some of these guys. The only way to know if they're going to hack it is to let them pitch at the MLB level. Several Twins relievers have pitched well this season but Guerrier, Duensing, Burton, Deduno, and Fien aren't going to be here by the time the Twins are back contending. This truly is an area where prospects are being held back.

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    Burton has to be gone this offseason.

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    I woudlnt' be shocked if Duensing is traded. I expect Guerrier to no longer here in 2015 as well.

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    There are also the marginal LH SP prospects like Taylor Rogers, Sean Gilmartin and Logan Darnell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by diehardtwinsfan View Post
    I woudlnt' be shocked if Duensing is traded. I expect Guerrier to no longer here in 2015 as well.

    With a good closer and several useful players on the MLB roster right now. Good AA and AAA guys which are highlighted here and the potential for May, Pino, or Kris Johnson to contribute from the pen, and Nick Burdi as early as next year this looks like a strength of the organization.

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    Re: Pressly. He had a 3.87 era as a rookie. I certainly don't classify his 2013 as poor.

    Re: Guerra. He had a blood clot, not Tommy John.

    Re: Oliveros. Can you believe he made his mlb debut back in 2009?He's got 10 mlb innings over parts of 5 seasons. He's been hanging just below the big leagues for a long time. That has to be hard on a guy. I hope he can get more than 2 or 3 innings next time.

    Re: O'Rourke. I've not previously heard much about him (maybe because he's a little old for his level?) Thanks for putting him in the discussion. That's some serious dominance of lefties.

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