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Thread: Francisco Liriano

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    Francisco Liriano

    Francisco Liriano is going into a big contract year this year. In the last year of team control Liriano has a ton to prove as he is somewhat of an enegmatic figure. Before last year many myself included thought the Twins should offer Liriano a 4 year extension in the 40 million range like teams gave Zack Grienke and Josh Johnson. How Liriano went through a difficult 2011 season where he walked over 5 guys per 9 innings which was way too many. When he didnt walk hitters he gave up hits. However, he is the only power pitcher the Twins have in their rotation and really in their system right now so he is special. So my question for everyone is what should the Twins do with Liriano. Should they sign him after the season, let him go or will it depend on how he does this year. I view the Twins in a catch 22 situation when it comes to Liriano. If he is good this year he will likely be out of the Twins price range and if he struggles why would the Twins want him as he is so inconsistant. So my question to everyone is what would you do with Liriano?

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    I have a feeling Liriano is out after this year one way or another. It's a shame because, as you mentioned, he's something of a rare specimen in this organization.

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    I hope like crazy that he has a tremendous year in his contract year. I recall talking to Bill Smith about a year ago, and asked him what factors go into whether or not they will talk to a player about a long-term contract. One of those factors was the player's maturity and how they think he would handle to security of a long-term deal. I think it's fairly clear at this point that Liriano isn't the most mature person. I hope for him that he can find something to click and regain that 2006 form, or even the 2010 form. At this point, I'm not willing to give him a long-term contract unless it is well below market value. Also, if the Twins are out of contention in July, I hope he's pitching to Ace-like form so that they can get a ton for him at the deadline!

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    It's an interesting situation for Liriano and the Twins but like Nick said, I believe he's out of here no matter what happens in the season. He's got too many injury/mechanical issues that the Twins just cannot/should not commit themselves too. The unfortunately reality is, they should have moved him after the 2010 season. Now they are faced with the situation of losing him for nothing at the end of the season or potentially moving him in-season exchanging him for a diminished return from what they could have had after '10. Like Travis said, they've certainly painted themselves in the corner with him.

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    I was incredulous that a long-term deal didn't get done last year, which looks dead wrong right now. I guess the ultimate response is "wait and see" since there really is no reason to make this decision now. but I gotta admit, I don't see anyway he's on the roster next year.

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    My guess is he has a big rebound year, reaps a big contract from someone in the off-season, then has a "pavano-with-the-yankees" period.

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    I agree with everything that has been said. I guess this year will be the year we find out if Liriano has any ability to maximize his ability. I'm hoping he has a big year, and I agree that good or bad this is his last year with the Twins. If he does good, I could see him going to the Yankees as they've always had interest.

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