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Thread: MLB Draft Discussion: Day One

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    I never said to stop the negativity, I was just surprised by how much there was. I like the Buxton pick for sure, I even like the Berrios pick. I am with most people though and question the Bard pick but they obviously saw something in him that they liked.

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    I have two basic issues with the Berrios and Bard picks:
    1. I read the front office had them ranked "between #25 and #50" on their board. If they had Berrios ranked lower than #32 or Bard lower than #42, they reached and didn't stay true to their board -- did we really get the best players available, even by our own draft board?
    2. You don't take Berrios at #32 if you can get him at #42. You don't take Bard at #42 if you can get him at #63. Who really knows how the other MLB clubs ranked these guys? But based on the analysts projections, we could have gotten both using a later pick.
    Personally, I'll be fine with all of them if they land Brown at #63. That seems like a value-pick.
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