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Thread: Bruce Pugh

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    Bruce Pugh

    Nobody had him listed here so.......

    The organization has thought very highly of the hard throwing 23yr old (July 18 bday) 19th round 2008 pick & has touted him in the local media over the last 2 yrs.

    2010 he was a starter @ Ft Myers 7-10 4.03 ERA (20gms 19 starts) with 106 K 48bb in 102.2IP (.215BAA)
    2011 he was moved to pen, mainly as closer, with 2-4 record 4.53 ERA...45.2IP (.279BAA) 54K 16BB.
    Both season he got New Britian promotions but was scarily bad....15gm 2st 25.1IP 35h (.331BAA) 31er (11.01ERA) 25k 24bb

    Personally, Id lost faith in him as he started the 2012 season on the DL after a poor showing in AFL.
    This yr 17gm 1-3 5sv 2.60ERA .266BAA in 27.2IP 24k 8bb
    Promoted to AA, he has now had 3 strong showings......4 scoreless innings 1h 2bb 5k

    If he's finally legit....he could join Lester Oliveras & Deolis Guerra as 23 & younger righthanded arms who throw 93+ for the future.

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    The Twins' bullpen outlook really isn't bad. Lots of intriguing young relief arms in the system -- plenty to inspire confidence that a few will emerge as MLB late-inning guys. If only the pipeline for starters were as flush.

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    There's never been doubt about Bruce Pugh's "stuff." He's really talented and works really hard. IF he can throw strikes, he can be a future Twins late-inning reliever. 2011 was a harsh year for him.

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    4 more games since original post @ NBrit
    5IP 1sv 1h 3bb 8k

    AA season
    7gm 9IP 2h 0er 5bb 13k

    turns 24 on July 18....hope for a good month & AAA promotion
    could he be a 40 man roster candidate this winter.....if so, could be a Sept callup

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    with 2 scoreless innings SAT to get the W....Pugh is now scoreless in 17.1 IP in AA 8h 8bb 22k....

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    gave up his first run tonight getting the loss
    Now 19.1 IP 10h 1er 25k 9bb

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    July 9gm 15IP 9h .180BAA 2er 1.20ERA 13k 7bb
    New Brit yr 19gm 27.1IP 14h .152BAA 2er .66ERA 31k 14bb
    Combines A/AA 36gm 55IP 43h .214BAA 1.64ERA 55k 22bb

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