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Thread: Just moved to the Twin City area.

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    Just moved to the Twin City area.

    I hope this is the right spot. I tried to look for a old thread that was titled newbies and lurkers but couldn't find it. I have been a lurker for a while now. I have been a twins fan since 1987 when i was 5 years old. Anyways i just moved to the Twin City area three weeks ago. I came out here by myself and not knowing a single person out here. My work needed a good Designer in the Minneapolis location. So here i am. It is a little overwhelming at first coming from Montana. But i am adjusting well. I just wanted to post something to say hello and maybe catch a few Twins games with some of you.


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    Welcome! You can find the lurkers and rookies thread here:


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    Hi Travis! Welcome to the board and I hope you like the TC.

    Maybe you should join the pub crawl in August and have a chance to meet up with a lot of fellow TD-ers. Sounds like a great way to meet others who love the Twins.

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    Welcome. It is a great community. Part her if you want ideas on stiff to do.

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