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Thread: Article: Royals vs. Twins, 06/30/2012, 12:10pm & 6:10pm

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    Quote Originally Posted by CDog View Post
    It was even more bizarre than that description, I think. The thing took a path much like a pool trick shot where they put the english on it so it bends around in an arc. The ball did the same thing on this play. It nearly went out the back of the left handed batter's box, heading toward the backstop before reversing course and curving first toward the Twins dugout and then continuing the turn all the way back into fair territory. Isaac Newton rolled over in his grave.
    Yeah, just watch the video. It's insane. I was in the Legend's Club at the time and was in hysterical laughter. I've never seen anything like it before (well, I have but nothing even close to the extreme foul/fair spin taken by that ball) and most of the Legend's Club was confused as to whether Dozier was safe, out, or still at bat.

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    I guess this shows the Twins have AAAA pitching. To bad there are no aaaa leagues

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