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Thread: Matt Summers

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    Matt Summers

    Righthanded 22 yr old (Aug 17 bday) pitcher was a 4th round pick out of Cal Irvine.

    First 2 yrs in college uneventful...27gm 4st 2w 2L 37.2IP 50h 35er 8.36ERA 38k 23bb
    Jr yr took off...15gm all starts 10-2 2CG SHO 103.2 IP 64h 20er 1.74ERA 90k 30bb

    Spent first pro yr @ ELIZ all out of pen 20gm 20.2IP 11h 2er .87 ERA 36k 5bb

    Assigned to Beloit, he struggled in April....5gm 4st 1w 2L 20.1 IP 20h 15er 6.64ERA 13k 10bb
    Next 13 starts have been great 7w 2L 1CGSHO 82.2 IP 74h 26er 2.83ERA 54k 23bb
    Averaging 6.1 IP per start since May 1....looks like he could be one of organizations best pitching prospects
    Would like to see more strikeouts 5.87/9innings

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    When promoted to FtMyers...he had 19 gm 18 st 109IP 103h .249BAA 3.55ERA (2.84 after first 5gm 4st) 71k 34bb
    First 3 starts for Miracle....all went 5IP....so 15IP 19h .310BAA 3.60ERA 9l 6bb
    Best guess is that with 124IP, the Twins will monitor his innings over Aug to keep him around 150IP (5 more starts of 5IP w/30gms left??)

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