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Thread: Favorite Baseball Movie?

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    Has anyone ever seen the movie Long Gone? La Velle has mentioned it as one of his favorite baseball movies in the past. It isn't available on DVD and it is hard to find.

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    Bull Durham for me, Little Big League for kids.

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    #5 - The Sandlot
    #4 - Major League
    #3 - Moneyball
    #2 - *61
    #1 - The Natural

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    *61 is the most underrated baseball movie of all time. Barry Pepper and Thomas Jane were awesome as Roger Maris and Mickey Mantle. The Mick just happens to be my favorite ball player of all time!

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    *61 is a great movie. Billy Crystal used old Tiger Stadium to recreate old Yankee Stadium. Anthony Michael Hall, who is right-handed, played Whitey Ford, a lefty. So they put him in a uniform with the numbers and lettering reversed, filmed him pitching right-handed, then flipped the film to show him throwing left-handed.
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    Best Baseball Movies

    Some of you have forgotten "A League of their Own" and, going back to the 50s, "Fear Strikes Out". All that aside, I pick "Field of Dreams".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Horrorpants View Post
    Just to be cheeky, how about South Park's episode "The Losing Edge?" That's the episode where they try to lose to avoid playing more Little League games, and Stan's dad keeps fighting other dads in the stand.

    Now, there's no need to question my love of baseball. Now. When I was kid, I was ready for those games to be over and done with, and this episode brings it all back.
    How about that episode of Futurama called " A Leela of her own". The New New York Mets sign Leela to bean opposing players because having only one eye causes her depth perception problems.
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    I will brook no discussion on this: Bull Durham is the greatest baseball movie of all time.

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    Honestly, Moneyball is right up there for me with Major League, Field of Dreams, and Eight Men Out. And I still don't understand how a movie about Babe Ruth starring the great John Goodman could have been so terrible.

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    Favorite Baseball Movies

    For historical purpose - Eight Men Out and Moneyball
    For what it is like being a full-blown true fan of a team - Fever Pitch
    For pure entertainment - Field of Dreams

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    ^^^ I was waiting for somebody to mention Fever Pitch. I watch it every year pitchers and catchers report to spring training. A wall in my living room is starting to resemble Jimmy Fallon's apartment in that movie (although substitute in Twins stuff instead of Red Sox).

    5. Major League
    4. Field of Dreams
    3. Moneyball
    2. The Sandlot
    1. Bull Durham

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    I think Sandlot is #1 because for me it shows the joy of being a kid, playing baseball, and being a kid playing baseball. Little Big League is up there, because of the Twins connection, and I was at a game when they filmed the scene where everyone is chanting "BILLY! BILLY!". Not too many mentions for Fever Pitch (and for good reason), but I love the scene when the UPS guy delivers his season tickets and he runs out in his underwear and hugs the UPS guy. Im pretty sure Ill do that when I get season tickets.

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    The unofficial results so far:
    Rank Title #1
    1 The Natural 11 1
    2 Field of Dreams 6 9
    3 Bull Durham 5 11
    4 Major League 4 14
    5 *61 2 7
    6 The Sandlot 2 7
    7 Moneyball 1 10
    8 Eight Men Out 1 8
    9 The Rookie 1 4
    10 Little Big League 1 3
    11 Angels in the Outfield 1 1
    12 Bang the Drum Slowly 1 0
    Hardball 1 0
    Mr. Baseball 1 0
    15 Sugar 0 2
    16 The Stratton Story 0 1
    Talent for the Game 0 1
    For Love of the Game 0 1
    Bingo Long 0 1
    Summer Catch 0 1
    A League of Their Own 0 1
    Fear Strikes Out 0 1
    Fever Pitch 0 1

    I know, I have too much time on my hands...

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    "Pride of the Yankees"! I could watch it a million times.

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    1. Sandlot
    2. Major League
    3. Bull Durham
    4. 61
    5. For the love of the Game

    While I think the Natural is a good movie, I think its really overrated and #6 at best for me. I think Field of Dreams is garbage. Not sure why anyone would need to visit either. Much rather visit real ballparks. JMO.

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    1. Eight Men Out
    2. Bull Durham
    3. Field of Dreams
    4. A League of Their Own
    5. Major League

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